We just launched Speechless Creative!

Let’s just come out and say it. This is a tricky time to announce anything. At the same time, we’re a business, we’re proud of the work we do to amplify the voices of individuals and organizations in our community — and of course, we have to keep the lights on.

So, after delaying for several — well — months, we’re excited to give you an exclusive peek at our newest line of business Speechless Creative.

What’s Speechless Creative, you ask?

It’s a no-holds-barred line of creative services aimed at ridding the world of stale branded content. With Speechless Creative, we’ll double down on our storytelling superpower to help teams bring their message to life.

Whether that’s a comedy short, a podcast, a live/virtual show, or something completely new — we work with orgs and individuals to reach their audience in a way that’s entertaining, impactful, and anything but boring.

“This sounds like a lot gang,” you might be thinking. “How’re you gonna make all this happen?”

Glad you asked…

From our collab with Adobe and the National Cybersecurity Alliance — check it out here!

We’re bringing in some heavy hitters

Speechless has acquired the commercial production services of Lekker Media and brought on Lekker founder Jamie Wright as Vice President of Creative to expand our video production, show-running, and scripting services.

Jamie brings a wealth of experience in improv, sketch and emerging production tech from his time at Amsterdam comedy powerhouse Boom Chicago working with folks like Seth Meyers, Jason Sudekis, and Jordan Peele (ever heard of em???), and his years producing the San Francisco Improv Festival. Not to mention, he’s really cool dude.

“Show me the goods, dangit!”

Say no more, friends. Check out the Speechless Creative trailer below, learn more on our brand spankin’ new Creative page, and keep your peepers peeled for more fun collabs like this one! A fun webseries partnering with Adobe and the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Learn more at https://www.speechlessinc.com/creative

P.S: Can’t get enough company announcements?? Check out the full press release here.



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