How to give a great impromptu speech, anytime, anywhere

Plus 78 impromptu speech topics to help you practice.

1. Tell the truth.

2. Have a beginning, middle, and end.

Story Spine:

Once upon a time there was a…

And every day…

But then one day…

Because of that…

Because of that…

Because of that…

Until finally…

Moral of the story…

3. Focus on 1–3 central “characters.”

4. A pause is worth a thousand “ums.”

5. When in doubt, tie it back to something you know and love.

Putting it all together:

I want to tell you a little bit about the worst roommate I ever had.
The groom: Mike. See, he wasn’t the cleanest roommate…

In fact, it got so bad that every day, I would leave passive aggressive sticky notes over the sink to remind him to do the dishes. And every day he would leave a sticky note in response:

“Soap prices, through the roof, trying to conserve.”
“Cat ate hands. Will wash when stumps heal.”
Or, my personal favorite:
“Rage, rage, against the drying of the dish.” — Dylan Thomas & Mike”

Then one day his excuse was a little different… “Sorry, I met a guy.”

After that, Iman started coming over.

Because of that, there was suddenly not a dirty dish in the whole house.

And because of that, I never had to leave a sticky note over the sink again.

And ever since, I’ve been Mike and Iman’s biggest fan.

Moral of the story: Get your roommate a boyfriend. They work way better than Post-its. Cheers to Mike and Iman.

Choose-your-own impromptu speech topic:

Example: Give a 60 second [Occasion] for [Audience].
Ex: A wedding toast for figure skaters.

Give a 60 second [Occasion] at the [Location].
Ex: A retirement speech at the Chuck-E-Cheese.

Wanna make it extra hard?

Example: Give a 60 second [Occasion] for [Audience] at the [Location].

Moral of the story:



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